Greg's Thank You Speech

Thursday, October 03, 2002. The post was made. In the course of 2 days, we new we were well on are way to something kind of neat. We were helping a couple out, but I think, in a way, we were helping ourselves out. When I looked in to this story, everything was falling into place pretty quick. I found out the Hines live about 30 minutes away from me. Right then I knew this thing was calling my name, and a lot of other names. We all decided we want to do something for someone, and get a little warm and fuzzy with it. I honestly thought we would be able to come up with a pretty good down payment on a nice bike. Well, before I new it, I had pledges in front of me that would do better than a down payment. Within 3 weeks, we new there would be enough to buy Big Red 2. There were 187 pledger's. To date, 5 weeks later, we've collected $10,843.43. That is amazing. Plus, we have gathered, in Gratis Ohio, at Dave & Judi Sim's, Walk A Mile Ranch, from all over the United States. As far as Washington St., Texas, Vermont, Alabama, and we even have a visitor that managed to get swept in to this from England. It has truly been a huge event pulled together quick, and so far, pretty darn nice. There is no 1 person to thank for making this happen, but a group instead. A group of 2 & 3 wheeled, and 4 legged enthusiast. It also took an effort from a few people to physically make it happen. Of course we have; Joe & Bonnie Durning-who else would of brought this to our attention? Tommy Englett, who is among the many that could not make it, but sure wanted to. Tommy as usual, was the first one to open his mouth, and this time his checkbook too. Ron Gregory for keeping post and the dream alive....everyday. Billy Jack Huddle, keeping everybody pumped up on the boards. It seems like when he started talking, checks started coming, And he's also been a busy man with his on little gifts and surprises. I used Jack to bounce a lot of idea off as well as Joe Durning, Robin Perna, Gary Verhulst & Steve Woodin. Actually, the list of names goes on & on. Robin... Robin and Gene Perna. Our travel coordinators. You know, the ones late for dinner last night? Well he's been a busy guy trying to pass on Hotel & Camping info, and keeping a grocery list, and a head count. Thanks to Steve and Bonita Woodin for getting the chuck wagon together, and organizing the things necessary for us to eat. Bill Kornic for doing a beautiful job lettering and pin striping Big Red 2. Linda from Badgemaker II for making the plaque to memorialize the event, and working those last 3 rallies with her donation jug. Gary & Shirley Verhulst They ultimately found Big Red 2. They were on the road for 3 days to pick her up at Creasy's Honda in Lexington Tennessee, and get her here Thursday night in time for Bill Kornic to do his thing, and I see there are a couple of brand new Dunlops over there too. I wonder where they came from? Thanks a lot you two. It's been great spending the last couple of days with you guys. A big super, thank you for our terrific hosts, Dave & Judi Sims. They have been outstanding allowing us to invade their home and land. Thanks a bunch. And let's I forgetting anyone? Ah yea. Linda. Without Linda's attempt of finding something nice for a giving guy, we would not be here today. And I must thank my wife Darlene. I've been missing from her radar screen lately, but for a good reason, and she knows it. She's supported me and my new labor of love every step of the way. Thanks to all of you out there, who has donated to the cause, and came from all over the place to help make this a special event.