PIF 2005

This year found us at Shawnee State Park near Portsmouth Ohio. We gathered with old friends, and made some new friends. This year we were able to help a fellow out who has 2 young kids, and a wife that has taken everything, and left him and the kids. His children mean everything to him, and work at a fast food restaurant makes it difficult, but he is trying. We decided we would give him a helping hand, and show him, his co-workers, and a few customers what this Pay It Forward (PIF) is all about. We left him with $2350, and hopefully some day, by being PIF'ed, he will find himself in a position to Pay It Forward to somebody else, there fore joining a PIF network. Thank you to all who has helped us to raise some funds, and took valuable vacation time to join us. We'll see you next year, at a different place. Can't wait to find out where.

Some photo's from our PIF gathering at Shawnee State Park

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