PIF 2008 Trip

The Ride!

My goal is to stay on as many back roads as possible, and see some sights along the way. The trip I have planned will be a 2 day, 576 mile trip. The first part of it will obviously to work our way out of Ohio. We値l leave the Buckeye State through Youngstown. We値l take back roads up to Wooster, then get on 30 to 62.  Once we get near Youngstown we値l have to hop on I-80 for about 37 miles to get through that area in a timely manner, then in Hope Mills Pa, we値l hope of on to 19 then work our way up to the Allegheny River and get on route 62. We will follow the Allegheny River for about 70 miles to the Kinzua Dam.



The Kinzua Dam, in the Allegheny National Forest in Warren County, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest dams in the United States east of the Mississippi River.

The dam is located 6 miles (10 km) east of Warren, Pennsylvania along Route 59, within the 500,000-acre (2,000 kmイ) Allegheny National Forest. A boat marina and beach are located within the dam boundaries. In addition to providing flood control and power generation, the dam created Pennsylvania's deepest lake, the Allegheny Reservoir, also known as Kinzua Lake.




After we leave the dam we will do a little zig zag so we can go up to the Allegheny Reservoir, and then ride through the Allegheny State Park. This will take us about 25 miles out of the way, but I think it will be worth it to see the sights.


Allegany State Park is a state park in western New York State, located in Cattaraugus County just north of Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. The park is divided into two sections: The Red House Area and the Quaker Run Area.

The Red House Area is the northern half of Allegany State Park. It is usually considered to be the most developed area of the park. The Red House area's attractions include Stone Tower, the Summit Fire Tower, Red House Lake, Bridal Falls, and the Art Roscoe Ski Area. This section also contains several hiking trails and camp sites. The Red House area is the location of the Administration Building for the park.


Letchworth State Park is about 45 miles west of our destination of Canandaigua, NY. We値l take the park road that runs 14 miles through the length of the park, and take in some sights.


Thanks to William Pryor Letchworth everyone has the opportunity to visit New York State's crown jewel of the State Park system.  Letchworth State Park is 17 miles long and encompasses over 14, 350 acres.  The Genesee River runs through the middle of the park and over three magnificent waterfalls.  The highest of which is 107 feet high.  The cliffs, created by the river are 600 feet high. 
 Letchworth State Park


After our tour through the park we rode north on 256 and ride along side one of the first Finger Lakes we値l see, Conesus Lake.  Then we値l finish the ride and go straight to our hotel, Super 8. Once we got checked in we decided to ride down to the 4H camp to visit with some of the other folks. It was pretty obvious there was a storm on the way, but we got there before it hit. Later on the girls rode back to the hotel with Steve & Joanie, & Julie Basham to stay dry.


Here's a video I put together.


A 16 year old's point of view, Becca Bien's


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