Rockies Gold Ride log for the Ohio Group


Day One (Saturday 7-21-07):

Leave Cinti, area for Topeka, Kansas, Distance 637 miles approximately. We took I-74, then to I-70, and stayed at Fairfield Inn.  We ate lunch at Burger King in St Louis, and supper at Applebee’s in Topeka.  Actual Miles 643.5


Day Two (Sunday 7-22-07):

Leave Topeka for Woodland Park, Colorado, stay at Eagle Fire Lodge. Ate supper at Actual Miles 543.1 We took I-70, then picked up US 24 in Limon Colorado.


Day Three (Monday 7-23-07):

Ride to Pikes Peak and then visit with WingnutZZ at his house in Woodland Park, Co.  Stay again at Woodland Park, Colorado, Eagle Fire Lodge.  We ate Breakfast at the Hungry Bear restaurant.  We rode to Pikes Peak then to Dave’s house where we ate lunch and saw a fantastic view of Pike’s Peak.  We then rode to Cripple Creek and Victor then through Florissant and back to the Hotel after exploring an old homestead.  We ate at the Mucky Duck restaurant in Green Mountain Falls. Actual Miles146.



Day Four (Tuesday 7-24-07):

Ride a route designed by WingnutZZ to Montrose, Co and then will stay at the Black Canyon Motel.  We ate again at the Hungry Bear and Dave joined us. We left for Montrose.  Along the way we saw Twin Lakes, Independence Pass, Aspen,  West Elk Loop.  We ate lunch in Redstone at the Redstone Inn before arriving at Montrose.  We ate dinner at the Red Barn.  328.3 Actual Miles. The route we took was US 24 through Buena Vista, then picked up 82 at Twin Lakes. In Carbondale we headed south on 133. Then on to 92 where we rode some outstanding twisties, and switchbacks on the north east side of the Black Canyon, which to us to 50, then on in to Montrose.



Day Five (Wednesday 7-25-07):

We rode from Montrose south on 550 to the Million Dollar Highway. Rode south and reached Ouray.  We stopped briefly in Ouray and then continued on to Silverton.  We saw an 18 wheeler that looked like it fell off a cliff.  It was really mangled and they had it lying on the side of the road possibly ready to be hauled out of there.  We ate in Silverton at the Grand Imperial Hotel at their restaurant called Grumpy’s, we then rode up to the Old Hundred Gold Mine, which was about 5 miles on washboard unpaved roads.  We continued through Durango and went west to Cortez and then north to Telluride where we stopped in the rain and saw the waterfalls.  We rode then on to Ridgeway through some mud covered wet roads and the stopped and ate at the True Grit restaurant.  We arrived back at the Black Canyon Hotel and washed the bikes.  Actual miles 306.7




Day Six (Thursday):

Ride to the Black Canyon National Park and stopped at most of the overlooks and rode down to the floor. We rode back to Montrose and ate at the Dairy Queen.   We went back to the motel and rested before dinner at Fiesta Guadalajara.  59 Miles


Day Seven (Friday):

Leave Montrose for Moab, UT.  After arriving at the Bowen Motel we rode to see, Castle Valley, and then do some of the La Sal Loop and finally Arches National Park- $5.00 per person.  Actual Miles 297.5


Day Eight (Saturday):

Ride from Moab to Kanab, UT.  We stayed at the Parry Lodge.  Along the way we pass Escalante and ride by the nearby Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  We ate lunch at the Kiva Koffeehouse which was on a cliff overlooking the Escalante Staircase area.  We stopped and visited Bryce Canyon National Park which was awesome.  When we arrived in Kanab we ate dinner at Houston Trails End Restaurant   387.1 actual miles.


Day Nine (Sunday):

Ride from Kanab to the north rim of the Grand Canyon $12.00 per person.  We ate lunch at the Grand Canyon Deli and it could have been better.  We stayed again at the Parry Lodge. This place is great and has a lot of history associated with it.  We watched a movie called Western Union for free in the barn which had housed the horses from the movie, as well as others.  We ate supper at the Houston Trails End Restaurant again.  Actual miles 200.6.


Day Ten (Monday): 

Greg, Polecat and I leave to ride to Las Vegas and the to Hoover Dam; ride into California and meet with Jay and Jeani at Flagstaff, Az.  We are staying at the Ramada Limited Hotel.   We saw 108 degree temps leaving Vegas area south on 93.  We saw 106 degrees In Vegas and Laughlin.  Hoover Dam was only 95 degrees and they were building a new bridge that will be 950 feet above the water. We ate lunch at Subway and dinner at Red Lobster.  503.2 actual miles. 


Day Eleven (Tuesday):

Leave Flagstaff and ride to Amarillo, TX.  We passed the Cadillac Ranch just west of Amarillo. We ate lunch at McDonald’s and dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.  610.3 actual miles.


Day Twelve (Wednesday):

Ride east on I-40 to just past Fort Smith and then up Rt23 to Rt 16 to Rt 7 and stayed the night in Harrison AR at the Holiday Inn Express.  We ate lunch at Subway somewhere in Texas and supper at Schoney’s in Harrison, AR.  Jay and Jeani left us and rode mostly Interstate home.  Actual Miles 592.8.

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