Lots of 1800 technical info

CD install

Took me a while to decide where I wanted to loose the space. I decided on the trunk. I pre-drilled the wholes for the mounting brackets.

 I cut up a mouse pad to cushion the mounts to the trunk.

 There is a 1" hole with a plug in the bottom of the trunk. I ran the wires through there, and then routed through the frame. The yellow wire went to the battery, and the red wire to the switchable circuit. (accessory) There is a split in the FM antenna under the seat. A great place to add the adapter.

 To run the cable for the remote, I ran it under the top panel to the switch plate.

 I just used velcro for the remote. I keep it in a rain proof pouch I got from Sierra, but I've seen people use those cell phone covers too.


Tech Info

GL 1500

1500 CD install








Headlight Failure (for me)







GL 1800

1800 Frame welds



1800 - Replacing the head light

The rubber boot just pops off, after you unplug the connector. (just slides right off).

Once the plug, and boot is removed, you'll see the spring clip. Press down on lever, then open the lever like a door. Pull lamp out.

Remove the black base from old lamp, and plug in the new lamp, Reverse procedure.


ACG Failure

Noise Sound file of a noise developed on my trip in 2010 - Alternator Dampener

Here is a post about the symptoms on the GL1800Riders Board.



Lots of 1500 technical info

Headlight failure

The symptom I had here was my headlight wouldn't come on, high nor low beam. At first I thought I had a bad headlight relay because when I turned the key the headlight came on, then I hit the start switch, and the headlight went out like it should. When I let go of the start switch, the headlight wouldn't come back on. That happened about 3 times in the past couple of months. I would just turn the bike off, and restart it, and it would be fine. Well finally I turned the key and the headlight wouldn't come on. I was at a Rally and Gary from the Lighthouse told me to lift the reverse lever, and see if the headlight came on. Well, it did. Who would of figured that? Not me anyway, at least not before tracing out schematics. Well, I took the left side off the bike to get to the reverse lever switch, and started doing some checking. I found the reverse lever switch plug wasn't locked into to place securely. I took it apart, cleaned it, and plugged it back in tight, and the headlight came on. The picture above shows how the plug wasn't locked in.


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