Waypoints for Honda Dealers in the US

This is the place to get your Honda Motorcycle Dealership waypoints.

How would you like to locate a Honda dealer easily on a trip? Ron Bien has compiled Honda dealerships that will work in Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan.

Some Points To Know About These Waypoints

1.                  These waypoints are for entertainment value only.  Please consult your Honda Owners manual and other Honda literature for exact locations of Honda Dealers.

2.                  All of the dealer entries came from the listing in the GWRRA Gold Book 2006 edition.

3.                  Some locations were verified using: http://www.hondafinancialservices.com/cust_service/dealer_loc.asp

4.                  In some cases exact location could not be determined and best guess was used.

5.                  I will gladly accept corrections.  If there is a correction, and it is more than a half a block, please submit them to me WITH COORDINATES and it will be updated.  I will take coordinates in any format. Send to ronbien@fuse.net

6.                  Be aware, not all listed motorcycle dealers actually deal and service motorcycles.  It seems they get that designation if they service and
sell 4 wheelers and other types of non-automotive equipment.  This seems to apply mostly to the rural areas.

7.                  If you load an entire state in your GPSr it will truncate the name to fit your GPS naming restrictions such as Honda of Highland may become Honda of H and you may wind up with several

“HONDA OF H” or “POWERSPORT” in which case the second over-writes the first, etc.  I recommend loading only the ones you will be traveling near.  View the dealers in the state you will be traveling in and pick only those that apply.  You may also want to change the naming to something you want for those dealers.  For example I loaded Florida on my 2610 and 4 dealers disappeared due to the names being the same when truncated in the GPSr.  Be aware!

8.                  I also would recommend not loading all of them due to the fact that many do not have motorcycle sounding names and you will be wondering “why is that in here?”  e.g. Pioneer Equipment.

9.                  I could not locate one waypoint symbol that would lend itself readily to be used, as different GPSr’s use different waypoint symbols therefore I used the Garmin default.

10.             There were a couple of dealers that were not able to be located either using the Gold Book Listing or from the Honda Dealer Locator.  They were not included.

11.             Some dealers had to be positioned using best guess on address and it may actually show the dealer on the wrong side of the street.  My goal was to get you to a dealer, not in the front door.  I hope you can find it if it is in the same block as the waypoint.  Addresses don’t always show where they actually are, but should be close enough.

12.             Again, I will gladly take corrections as long as coordinates are attached.  Collectively we can keep this a very accurate and valuable list.  

-Ron Bien


Thanks to Ron for taking the time to put all these waypoints together for us to find our Honda dealerships.

If you have a correction to one, please submit the correct coordinates to;

Ron Bien

Click on the appropriate device for your waypoints.

Check back often for updates!

*****The latest updates has phone numbers, and addresses of the dealers in the comments field*****

Last updated 2-6-08







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