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Title: Jeff Holt
Post by: cycle on February 26, 2015, 04:55:02 PM
I am posting this here - have it posted on the GWRRA Boards and someone suggested I add it here.

Pay it Forward has gone by the way side - so, I will not try to beat this horse again.

I will however say that we have a friend that has had some difficulties - and continues to struggle.  Some of you may know or remember Jeff Holt - he has cancer and lost his leg up to the hip. He now lives alone in Virginia and is trying to work on his house - I can imagine just how difficult it is. 

A couple of guys from here visited him last year - they will agree - times are tough.  So, here is my request.

If you have a little extra to spare - and you feel like you want to, please help him out.  I am not going to collect or put on any kind of a fund raiser - I'll just send my check to:

Jeff Holt
913 W 29th St.
Buena Vista Va.   24416

You do what you like and/or what you can.


Title: Re: Jeff Holt
Post by: cycle on February 28, 2015, 08:16:09 AM
This comment is from Dave Somers.


I just spoke with Jeff to give him details on how and where to pick up a Western Union from Mario down under. I also told him there should be a couple of checks in today's mail. He was very very appreciative. He hopes to have the hot water heater mounted next weekend and he said maybe with the PIF donations he can get a 36 inch door so a power wheel chair might be in the future.

It was one year ago that his leg was amputated, he mentioned.

So he asked me please to thank everyone for their help and thoughts.