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Title: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: wordsmyth on December 20, 2016, 10:08:45 AM
Greetings to all,

Recently I snagged a 2001 GL1800 at a bargain price. The PO did a first class job with his aftermarket additions and won a number of shows with the bike. However, after several years of fading interest he was getting out of motorcycling and made me an attractive price. It's in my least favorite color (black) but all other things being equal, it represents a decent deal on a modestly used, well equipped bike.

Since then I've been reading up on the thing and discovered there are two recalls for the year and model: one dealing with the the rear brake caliper, and the other with the rear sub-frame.

Looking up the VIN on the Honda site it appears neither recall has been done. But that does not mean they were not done. I also own a VStrom that had a recall done before I took delivery and while I know the word was done, it still has not shown up on the Suzuki website.

The PO rode the GL18 Wing in all of the US lower 48 states and all of the Canadian provinces with nary a problem. But that doesn't mean the bike is problem free. I've got a note out to him to get his feedback on the matter to see if he took it in.

In the meanwhile, what do I need to look for, look into, and be aware of in regard to the recalls and the Gen 1 GL1800's Any feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: Al on January 06, 2017, 11:22:04 AM
FWIW some have the frame stamped with a mark indicating the work was done. If he had it that long asking him may be the best bet.

Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: wordsmyth on January 12, 2017, 05:07:23 AM
Al, thanks.

I went to the Honda website and ran the VIN and the brake recall and frame inspection are outstanding. The brake recall is a lifetime recall and can be done by almost any dealership.

Then I read up on the frame issue. After looking closely I cannot see issues with the frame. However, I still want take it to be inspected and certified as necessary for the sake of safety and clearing the issue for the record.

While doing all that reading I further discovered that Honda has tiers of dealerships, with the top tier being the "power dealer." As it shakes out, all dealers can do some of the recalls, but the power dealers are the most highly trained and can do anything needed to be done on any recall.

The nearest such dealer to me is about an hour and a half away so I'm scheduled to take it to them later in early February.

I'll post an update after all that is done.

Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: nuferdog on January 12, 2017, 12:42:13 PM
Rick, the frame recall was an inspection of the frame welds, if the welds are good there is nothing to do. We have a couple riders up here that went and nothing was needed. The brake recall is replacement and flush of rear and secondary master cylinder. While there it is a good idea to pay a little extra and ave the front flush done. 

Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: wordsmyth on January 12, 2017, 08:08:49 PM
Gary, roger that and thanks for the heads up on the brake flush. I'll have them do the front while I have it up to the shop.

Other than the high-maintenance black color I'm enjoying this Wing. It looks great when clean, but it shows dust quicker than any other color.

I guess I'll have to get me one of those static-free duster paint brushes like MGySgt (USMC Ret) Ken Grant carries around in his trunk and just dust the dude off at every stop...


PS: I gave the guy who bought the R1100Rt beemer all the paper work and history, including the relay bypass story from Mud Creek. He was still googley-eyed over it and put his cash on the table.

Thanks again for your help with that, and I was glad to see it depart!

Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: wordsmyth on March 23, 2017, 03:47:35 AM
Okay – here’s the final on my GL18 and the recall questions.

The dealer called on Monday 03/20/17 and informed me the Wing was ready. It was a slow day at work so I finagled the afternoon off, hooked up the trailer, and headed over to Tupelo (Honda) to retrieve the bike.

Here are the bullet points on my experience.

1. Bought the bike in the fall of 2016 from the original owner
2. Ran the VIN to discover the frame and brake recalls were pending
3. Discovered not all Honda dealers are equally endowed: located a “power house” dealer to do the work
4. Delivered the bike to the nearest qualified dealer
5. Called Honda to establish a case on the recalls
6. Received a “case ID” verification from Honda on the recall
7. Dealer did the work and I retrieved the bike

There are a couple of things in that progression I want to note. First, I neglected to run the VIN ahead of purchase. The previous owner kept the maintenance up to date and the bike was routinely serviced by a long-time, experienced local tech that had inspected the bike. But lesson learned on the VIN check.

Next, had I called Honda ahead of delivering it to the dealer I would have saved myself a bit of anxiety over what to expect at the cash register. So along the way I got an education in Honda-ology, meaning as I worked my way through the matter I discovered a little about how Honda works. The customer support number is on the website and if one drills through the instructions - “press 1, press 3, or press … whatever“, he will eventually get to a real live human. As soon as I gave the guy the VIN he was able to verify the history of the bike.

Now, about the work –

Frame: Honda’s proscribed ritual involves a frame recall “kit” that includes a template used to mark the frame as to grind a “V” into the factory welds so they can be inspected and re-welded. After the tech “undressed” the bike for the procedure and did a visual inspection he found no visible cracks. Then when the welder did the grinding procedure to expose the inside of the welds there were no cracks underneath the surface. So the frame was good -- and the new welds are beefier.

Brakes: the brake recall was done at the same time and the positive difference in the feel of the brakes is significant. After being on ABS equipped bikes the last 10 years I am a bit spoiled on ABS but I’ll adjust. I’m satisfied the stoppers will do their job when my inner woman screams “brakes!!!” (Every man with a female co-rider will understand this; the rest of you will have to one day experience it to appreciate it…). And if my wife is with me, my inner woman will never have to say a word… but I digress.

The dealer experience: With the exception of a hiatus during graduate school I’ve been riding for the last 47 years. Only two of my bikes were purchased new, and I tend to keep my motorcycles for a while, so most of my purchases have been from individuals and not dealers.

Next, I’ve done the routine maintenance for all of my riding life so except for the two new bikes my only “dealer relationships” have been for warranty purposes. The upshot is that I was a bit uneasy about taking the bike to a dealer “cold turkey.” But, the frame recall has to be done by a Honda powerhouse dealer, and this was the nearest one to my residence. The horror stories I've read had me expecting the worse.

With all that said I want to note I am entirely satisfied with the attitude, service, and work of the dealership and their tech shop. They were cheerful and never batted an eyelash. The tech that did the work is an old-school motorcycle wrench who has forgotten more than most of us will ever know about motorcycle mechanicking. I have only good to say about the experience and their service.

Finally, for those with inquiring minds the brake and frame recalls were done at zero ($0.00) cost to me. Apparently Honda has a position on which VIN’s get which treatment. Also, I’m assuming they have some arrangement in which they compensate the dealers for the work. However they do it, and after reading the horror stories, I was really glad to get to the counter and hear $0.00 due.

So the bike chores are up to date, I have no complaints, and as I close this post I’m plotting my first mental health trip on this bike.

Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: Whiz-Kid on March 23, 2017, 04:03:23 AM
Glad things worked out for you and the Dealer gets a  t_up)


Title: Re: GL1800 recall questions
Post by: Al on July 29, 2017, 03:19:43 PM
 t_up) t_up) I only wish they had that power system for Honda cars, if they do I never heard of it if they HAD I probably be a Honda car owner.