Spring Fling 2009

Why is it called Spring Fling when we don't even go to the rally anymore?   Because!

It's all coming together now. Plans are being made, and routes are being drawn. Below is what I have so far. Last update 4-3-09.











This would be day 1. Staying off the big roads we would meet  up for breakfast at Country Kitchen at 123 & I-71. Then follow back roads on down to Lake City, Tn. This is 308 miles, and an estimated 7 1/2 hours without stops.




This would be day 2. Start of with a 3 hour, 114 mile ride to Falls Creek, Falls for lunch with the gl1800riders.


 Then about a 4 hour ride on over to Fontana Village riding across the Cherahula Skyway. About 156 miles worth. There we'd spend 2 nights (more if we want) and then do some day trips to various POI's. Steve James is booking our rooms.











 If we stay at Fontana Village a couple days, here's a 230 mile round trip to Suches and back taking the back roads.






 Polecat is leading the way to Arkansas when we're finished in Tn for the Rogers gathering April 25. This is just a route I put together to get an idea of the distance. Plus it swings through Alabama and that's one state I don't have yet. 900 miles +/-...Show us the way Polecat.









Points Of Interest

Since we're in the area we may want to go and check out some of these sites, and find the crash site.


The Fugitive

Although almost half of the movie is set in rural Illinois, a large portion of the principal filming was actually shot in Jackson County, North Carolina in the Great Smoky Mountains. The famous scene involving Kimble's prison transport bus and a freight train wreck was filmed along the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad just outside of Dillsboro, North Carolina. Riders on the excursion railroad can still see the wreckage on the way out of the Dillsboro depot.[3] Scenes in a hospital after Kimble's escape were filmed at Harris Regional Hospital in Sylva, North Carolina. The use of local actors may explain the presence of so many southern accents on characters who were supposed to be from Illinois. In one scene, a road sign pointing to Murphy can be seen.

The rest of the movie was filmed in Chicago, Illinois, including some of the dam scene, which were filmed in the remains of the Chicago Freight Tunnels (and also at Deals Gap, North Carolina).[4] The "one-armed man" lived in the historic Pullman neighborhood of Chicago (see Pullman, Chicago). Harrison Ford used the pay phone in the local bar (the Pullman Pub), at which point he climbs a ladder and runs down the roofline of the historic rowhomes toward the one-armed man's house. There are several other scenes that show the rowhouses of the historic neighborhood George Pullman built in the 1870s for his factory workers. During the St Patrick's Day Parade chase scene, Mayor Richard M. Daley and then Illinois Attorney General Roland W. Burris are briefly, but prominently, shown as participants in the parade. One night scene under the "El" tracks showed Kimble exiting an alley by 130 N. Wells St., with "Chicago Memorial" covering the then-Illinois Bell Building sign.











Current Route

Click to download





Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon is located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, this is one of the most scenic parks in the state, offering rugged geology and beautiful vistas. The park straddles a deep gorge cut into the mountain by Sitton Gulch Creek, and elevation differs from 800 to 1,980 feet. The most spectacular view into the canyon is found near the picnic area parking lot; however, additional views can be found along the rim trail. Hardy visitors who hike to the bottom of the gorge (including a 600-step staircase) find two waterfalls cascading over layers of sandstone and shale into pools below. (For visitor safety, wading in pools and climbing on waterfalls is not allowed.) Cottages are located near the canyon edge, while the park's walk-in campsites provide exceptional privacy for tents. Outdoor lovers should not miss this park's spectacular scenery

On the route I made to take us to Rogers, Arkansas I have us going through this canyon. We can take 3 days to get to Rogers on some outstanding back roads.



























Here's another option. Instead of riding over the Nachez Trace Parkway, how about riding on it? The next map shows the difference.

Time is not a factor.



Here's a snapshot of Polecat's Back Road Run

Good news! We happen to be riding by the Worlds Largest Red Cedar Bucket in Oxford Mississippi.

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